Get the best brake repairs that follow manufacturer requirements at Auto-Lab Texas.

Signs Your Brakes Might Need Repairs or Replacement

If you hear a squeaking sounds or grinding noises when you slow down while driving, these may be signs that your brakes need repair. With the stop-and-go traffic commuting from Spring or Cypress to Houston on the Beltway or I-45, your brakes get used a lot! If you’re taking children to school and taking care of business during the school day, your brakes get a workout, too.

As brake pads wear down, small indicators in the rotor system emit a high-pitched squeal. If you continue to log more miles without having the brake pads replaced, this part of the brake system will eventually wear away. Not replacing brake pads when you’re hearing a grinding or metal scraping sound during braking, means metal is grinding against metal on your brakes. This grinding on un-repaired brakes can potentially causing significant damage to the rotors.

Maintaining your car’s brake system ensures you can stop when you need to, and keep your family safe on the roads.

Other brake issues include air in the brake lines or low fluid levels, which can make the brake pedal feel “spongy” and hard to press down, or maladjusted brakes that cause your car to pull to one side. If your brake pedal or steering wheel vibrates when slowing or stopping, it could be a sign that the rotors are warped.

The expert service technicians at Auto-Lab Texas use the latest diagnostic equipment to pinpoint issues with your brake system and make recommendations concerning critical repairs, as well as ongoing maintenance issues that can keep you safe and save you money over time.

Auto-Lab Repairs Brakes According to Manufacturer’s Requirements

When replacing brake pads, we take care to install only the components engineered for your specific make and model of vehicle to prevent damage to the rotors. We will also resurface the rotors to manufacturer’s specifications and assess the quantity and quality of your brake fluid to ensure your car’s optimal performance. Some car brands, such as BMW, require new rotors instead of resurfacing rotors when brake pads are replaced.

Our Warranty for Brake Repairs and Replacement in Cypress and Spring

You get a 24,000-mile/24-month Warranty on Brake Repairs and Replacement at Auto-Lab Texas locations, open now in Spring and Cypress.

In addition to a generous warranty, you also receive a complimentary safety and reliability 33-point Inspection each time you visit Auto-Lab Texas for service or repair. Our ASE-Certified Technicians conduct this extensive review of your car’s major systems (an $89 value).

You’re a neighbor of ours in NW Houston so we treat you like family. Whether you live in:

  • Gleannloch Farms
  • Memorial Northwest
  • Rock Creek
  • Champion Forest
  • Villages of Northpointe
  • Lakewood Forest
  • Memorial Chase
  • Colony Creek
  • Longwood
  • Lakewood Oaks Estates
  • Hunters’ Valley or
  • other nearby neighborhoods, your Auto-Lab Technicians are just minutes away!

Our experienced car repair and maintenance teams focus on making sure your car, truck or SUV runs smoothly and identify potential issues early to help you avoid costly repairs or frustrating breakdowns. We also provide a free local courtesy shuttle service to bring you to and from your home or office while your car is at our service center, and provide complimentary beverages and free Wi-Fi in our customer lounge, if you prefer to wait.

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