Auto-Lab Texas uses factory-level diagnostics because "We Test...Not Guess." Call Cypress 281.746.3320 or Spring 832.698.2384

What does “factory-level diagnostics” mean for car owners in Spring and Cypress?

One difference between Auto-Lab and other car repair shops around Houston is our commitment to testing, not guessing. You wonder what “factory-level diagnostics” means and why it’s important to you.

When you hear an unusual noise under the hood or your car is not running like it usually does, you want to know the root cause of the problem, right?

That’s where “factory-level diagnostics” comes in. Auto-Lab was founded 25 years ago to test and learn what’s really going on with cars, like scientists in a lab. Today, we use the latest testing equipment and follow the exact requirements of your car, truck or SUV manufacturer’s specifications for maintenance, service and repair.

A lot of Houston area auto repair shops take a look and listen and maybe they drive your car around the block and guess what is most likely wrong.

When we finish our intensive 33-Point Inspection and our factory-level diagnostics, we report to you what the cause of the problem you came in to check on. We share what repairing that involves, how long it will take and how much it’s going to cost. We also let you know of any other issues we found in your car that are not making noise today yet will be a problem in a few weeks or months.

With expert Auto-Lab diagnostics, you make a better decision on what you want to repair now on your vehicle and what you can wait later for. That way, you can budget and feel more secure driving your car for business and family, especially if you have reliable diagnostics and honest estimates for repairs.
Auto-Lab diagnoses what's wrong with your car and what needs to be fixed. We service all kinds of makes and models.

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