If your check engine light is on, check the gas cap first to tighten it. Engine light still on? Come to an Auto-Lab Texas location.

Why your car engine is so important to driving in Cypress and Spring, TX


The engine is the heart of your vehicle, processing fuel to generate momentum for the wheels and power all of your car’s complex systems. Similarly, the fluids and filters in your car’s engine are like its blood and organs, without which it cannot function properly. If a filter becomes clogged, fluids run low or connections get corroded, your engine can’t work, and your vehicle simply won’t run. With proper care, however, your car or truck engine can last a very long time.

Preventative maintenance can help you avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your engine.

Preventative maintenance is the key to preserving the safety, reliability and longevity of your vehicle and avoiding engine malfunctions. At Auto-Lab Texas, we conduct a detailed, no-cost 33-point inspection on your vehicle at every visit to catch any potential problems early. We also recommend that you schedule regular tune-ups to ensure your car’s optimal performance and safeguard against costly repairs in the future.

What does the “check engine light” mean for me in Spring or Cypress, Tx?

If the check engine light on your dashboard goes on, you may simply have a loose gas cap (check that first) or a faulty wire. It also could be the sign of a more critical issue that needs immediate attention.

You should have an Auto-Lab Texas professional service technician look over your car to determine whether a part or system in the engine has failed.

We will conduct a thorough visual inspection and run a series of computerized diagnostic tests on your vehicle to find the source of the problem. We know that bringing your car into the service center is an inconvenience, which is why we stand by our repair work with a 24-month/24,000-mile service warranty. You can also take advantage of our free local courtesy shuttle service to bring you to and from your home or place of work while your car is in our care. In special cases when the repairs require that we keep your vehicle for an extended period, we can even provide a free rental car.

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