Is your muffler rattling or is your exhaust leaking? Auto-Lab Cypress or Auto-Lab Spring can check that for you!

Is Your Exhaust System & Muffler Making Noise on Cypress and Spring, TX streets?


If you hear rattling when you start your vehicle or your engine sounds excessively loud when you accelerate, you may have a damaged exhaust system in need of repair. Ensuring that your exhaust system that’s making noise is in good working order can make for a quieter and more enjoyable ride, and also keep you and your family safe from dangerous exhaust fumes that can leak into the vehicle cabin. Rattling under your car might makes you more nervous while you’re driving.

Regular maintenance will keep your car running quietly and cleanly, and guard against costly problems in the future.

The exhaust system is made up of multiple components, including the car’s muffler, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, manifolds and gaskets. Auto-Lab shops have experience to replace the catalytic converter. Road hazards, water and potholes cause wear and tear on the exhaust system,. That can result in poor performance and potentially put your family at risk from toxic emissions. The professional technicians at Auto-Lab Texas use leading edge diagnostic equipment to identify any damage or problem areas.

Auto-Lab Complete Car Care Centers in Texas give you an accurate exhaust system assessment and repair estimate so you make the best decision for you and your family or business.


Sometimes a simple muffler replacement is all that’s needed to dampen noise and reduce back pressure of exhaust gases to the engine. In other cases, engine skipping or other inefficiencies can cause the catalytic converter to overheat and break down—a costly repair that can be easily avoided with proper preventative maintenance. We will examine your exhaust system as part of our no-cost 33-point safety and reliability inspection offered at every visit, even if you just come in for an oil change, and will let you know immediately if we identify any potential problems.

Muffler Replacement & Exhaust Repair Warranty from Auto-Lab in Texas

You get a 24,000-mile/24-month Warranty on all vehicle repairs by Auto-Lab Texas locations, including Spring and Cypress.

Of course, if your car is showing signs of an issue with your exhaust system, we encourage you to set an appointment right away, before a minor issue becomes a major catastrophe. If your muffler or exhaust worries you, call your nearby Auto-Lab now.

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