Having trouble shifting gears or automatic transmission acting up in Spring or Cypress traffic? Call Auto-Lab

Is Your Transmission Acting Up? Get repairs on your transmission in Spring or Cypress, Texas

Most modern vehicles come with automatic transitions, which make shifting gears an almost seamless experience while driving. With both manual and automatic transmissions, however, the components take a lot of abuse and are bound to start having problems over time. Because repairs can be costly, staying attuned to early signs of trouble can help you minimize the time and expense of having your car serviced.

If your car puts up a fight when shifting gears, our expert technicians can diagnose transmission issues to minimize repair costs and keep you cruising.

If you drive a stick shift, a transmission that refuses to budge between gears or grinds when shifting is a sign of trouble in local traffic.


The solution may be as simple as topping off the transmission fluid, or there may be a problem with the shift cables or clutch linkage. For automatic as well as manual transmission vehicles, gears that slip while driving could be setting you up for an accident if not addressed promptly. Similarly, if your car is noisy when in neutral, transmission issues may be to blame.

Different make and model vehicles have different requirements for the type of transmission fluids and parts. This is why taking your car to an experienced professional at Auto-Lab is important. The ASE-Certified technicians at Auto-Lab Texas are able to determine the exact manufacturer specifications for almost every car, truck, van and SUV on the road. Auto-Lab car and truck repair centers deliver the same qualified service as a dealership.

Whether flushing the transmission fluid, swapping out sensors, or replacing component parts, keeping your transmission in top shape is critical to ensuring your family’s safety while driving.

Transmission slippage or lag could cause you to stay stuck in an active car lane or you could be stranded by the side of the road if the transmission can’t access the gears at all.

If you feel or hear anything unusual related to your vehicle’s transmission, contact your local Auto-Lab Texas car repair center to schedule an appointment. Transmission repairs come with our 24-month/24,000-mile service warranty.  A complimentary local courtesy shuttle is available to take you back to your home or workplace and pick you up when repairs are finished.

Call your local Auto-Lab auto repair shop now to reserve a convenient appointment or ask questions about your transmission problems.

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