Family Fun Day at AUTO-LAB TEXAS

Family Fun Day at AUTO-LAB TEXAS

February 18, 2018

After several days of rain, Sunday, February 18, 2018, greeted
us with bright sunny skies and warm temperatures. Starting at
one in the afternoon, Auto-Lab of Cypress welcomed neighbors
and friends to their second annual Free Family Fun Day on their
property. Children and adults alike stood in awe at the size
of the lime green monster truck named “Tantrum” as it took a
muscular stance in front of the Auto-Lab building.

The sounds of children laughing while jumping on the farmyard
themed bounce house could be heard throughout the party. Every
few minutes the Texas Flyer Trackless Train whistle sounded
as she announced to the crowd, “ALL ABOARD!” Children and
parents rode the train through the carnival-themed event as they
prepared to eat a tasty hot dog or have their faces painted by the
volunteers from Cypress Chapel.

Marsha’s Zoo from Crosby, Texas, brought curious farm animals
for the popular petting farm again this year. Bunnies, goats, and
chickens were joined by a llama and a wallaby — like a small
kangaroo! What a treat!

The main event was a special demonstration of leaps and kicks and
board-breaking by students from All-Star Martial Arts. Skilled
students and instructors presented their skills with precision and
power, and lots of encouraging cheers from the assembled crowd!
The martial art students had also worked for weeks to raise money
to participate in the day’s highlight, the board “Break-A-Thon,” a
special event the All-Star family designed to support Inspiring Possibilities.
Inspiring Possibilities is a local non-profit using martial
arts to help develop special needs children.

When all was said and done, the All-Star students raised nearly
$600 for Inspiring Possibilities, and had the joy of breaking boards
with their bare hands! As part of Family Fun Day, Auto-Lab partnered
with All-Star to match their gift, so Inspiring Possibilities
could receive a total donation of $1,200 to support their good work!

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