7 Brilliant Life Hacks for Your Car

7 Brilliant Life Hacks for Your Car

September 09, 2016

Life Hacks are creative solutions to the problems and challenges that life throws our way. They also offer fun tips and tricks to problems we didn’t even realize we had. Here are some brilliant ways to simplify your life without breaking the bank:

1. Clean Headlights with Toothpaste

Nearly every car you see on the road today has headlights made with clear plastic lenses. Glass headlights were phased out around 1990 because they are extremely breakable. Although the plastic headlight lenses are more durable, the cloudy appearance is not only unsightly, but it can easily make you fail your yearly inspection. Try using toothpaste as a simple, cost-effective way to spruce up those dingy headlights.

2.  Kitty Litter to Combat Foggy Windows

Foggy windows can be dangerous, especially during the wintertime. A sock filled with kitty litter placed in your car can help prevent that pesky fog from ever forming.

3. Tennis Ball Buffer for your Garage

It’s difficult to judge exactly how far you need to pull into your garage. If you go too far, you may run into something. If you don’t pull in far enough, your bumper may hang out, preventing garage door from closing. Do you have trouble navigating your way into the garage? The solution: Hang a tennis ball in your garage as a simple parking guide.

4.  De-Ice a Lock with Hand Sanitizer

It does more than kill germs – the heavy alcohol content in hand sanitizer can also break down ice. Squirt some in a resistant lock, and spend less time fumbling with your keys in the cold.

5.  Vinegar to De-Ice a Windshield

If you live where it’s cold, chances are, you’ve spent a morning or two scraping your car windshield, leading to painfully numb hands. Instead of scraping the ice off, de-ice your windshield by spraying a mixture of ⅔ vinegar and ⅓ water. But be careful! Vinegar can also eat the paint off your car, so make to get it on the windshield and nothing else.

6.  Clean your Engine with Soap and Water

The engine is one of the most expensive parts of your car. Keeping a clean and detailed engine makes your car easier to service. And the best part is you don’t need a fancy engine cleaner. Simply use some water and a little dishwashing detergent.

Here’s how: Before you begin, make sure to cover all the sensitive areas of your engine with plastic bags. Next, use a water and detergent mixture to scrub the engine with a soft rag and toothbrush. Lastly, give your engine a final rinse with some water to wash away all the detergent. And Voila! Your engine is clean as a whistle!

7.  Drop a Pin, Find your Car Again!

Parking your car in a new city? Searching for where you parked your car in an unfamiliar area can be time consuming and frustrating. If you have an iPhone, try dropping a pin via your maps to help guide you back to your car.

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