The AUTO-LAB TEXAS “Give Back 5″™ Program Supports Your Favorite Participating Local Schools, Churches, Sports Leagues, and Non-Profits!

Thank you for your interest in “Give Back 5,”® our innovative program to support local-focused non-profits, churches and schools near our Cypress and Spring AUTO-LAB TEXAS locations.

Guidelines for the AUTO-LAB TEXAS “Give Back 5″™ Program

AUTO-LAB TEXAS is committed to community restoration through partnerships. AUTO-LAB TEXAS created the “Give Back 5” Program to be a good neighbor and partner with local non-profit organizations, churches and school groups in communities with AUTO-LAB store locations.

AUTO-LAB TEXAS gives back 5% of all pre-tax purchases by supporters of eligible, enrolled organizations.

What Groups Are Eligible to Earn Donations from AUTO-LAB TEXAS and You?

Any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, church or school within the areas served by the AUTO-LAB TEXAS locations in Spring and Cypress are eligible. When it opens in 2017, the newest AUTO-LAB TEXAS location in Montgomery/The Woodlands will participate in “Give Back 5.”

How Auto-Lab Texas “Give Back 5” Works to Help Local Community Groups that Are Helping Others:

1. One official representative of interested non-profits, school groups, and / or church organizations should download and complete the application at the bottom of this page. ( Submit only one application per organization. The application is reviewed and the group is notified of their eligibility or asked for additional information to determine eligibility.

2. AUTO-LAB TEXAS asks supporters to identify their group’s name each time they service with one of our locations to make sure credit is given to participating non-profit organizations.

3. AUTO-LAB TEXAS customers simply ask their AUTO-LAB Service Advisor to link their car care or repair purchase to their chosen, enrolled Give Back 5 organization. There are no additional steps!

4. All purchased car care and repair services are eligible for the AUTO-LAB TEXAS “Give Back 5” program. The “Give Back 5” donation amount is based on 5% of the pre-sales tax purchase. Free service or product offers and free loyalty rewards have no cash value and are not eligible for “Give Back 5” donation credits.

5. At the end of each calendar quarter, AUTO-LAB TEXAS calculates the 5% share to each enrolled organization. A check for 5% of the designated purchases is sent to the group within 30 days of the quarter’s end date.

6. Participating groups must re-enroll annually to continue eligibility for “Give Back 5” benefits. This verifies the recipient information and contact information for the group to assure that earned “Give Back 5” donation checks are properly directed to your group.

7. All groups enrolled by December 30, 2015, will renew by December 1, 2016. Reminders will be sent 60 days in advance to the groups’ contact information in the Auto-Lab Texas system.

Frequently Asked Questions about How “Give Back 5″™ Gives Donations from Customers of AUTO-LAB Car Repair Centers in Texas

How long will it take for approval for our group’s enrollment in “Give Back 5″?

The Store Manager or AUTO-LAB Marketing Director checks your documentation when you turn it in at your local AUTO-LAB Car Care Center in the Houston area. Your group will receive a letter notifying the group of its approved participation in “Give Back 5” and you’re ready to start earning 5% of all your supporters’ designated car repair and service work that’s done at a local AUTO-LAB TEXAS car repair shop.

How long will the “Give Back 5” Program last?

AUTO-LAB TEXAS will evaluate the program’s success on an annual basis to improve the community impact. We hope to continue the “Give Back 5” Program for many years to come and share the success stories of participating groups along the way.

Why does my group have to re-enroll every year?

Organizations and their leadership change from time to time. To assure that “Give Back 5” is sharing with eligible local non-profits, school groups and churches, and that earned donations are received by your group, we need to annually update information and eligibility documentation.

Your annual renewal also gives your group an opportunity to promote the “Give Back 5” program to your supporters and members. Reminding your supporters, members and friends helps your group earn more donations each quarter.

Do you have any info we can share with our members to help promote the program?

Glad you asked! Yes, AUTO-LAB TEXAS will help you promote the program with flyers and web-friendly graphics to help you spread the word.We are happy to speak to your organization as well! It’s an easy fundraising activity — no tickets sales, no events, no phone calls! Your supporters help you raise money by simply taking care of their cars and trucks at an AUTO-LAB TEXAS location.

Your supporters and members don’t have to register anything online, they simply indicate the name of your organization. We’ll take care of the rest!

Can we participate in an AUTO-LAB TEXAS event or hold a car wash at an AUTO-LAB TEXAS location?

Absolutely! Your group will be invited to special events like AUTO-LAB TEXAS Grand Openings and Car Care Clinics where we teach young drivers, first time car owners, and others ways to keep your cars or trucks running cost-efficiently and in top condition.
If your school group or church youth group wants to hold a fundraising car wash, call the store manager at your local AUTO-LAB TEXAS location. Gleannloch Farms: (832) 698-2384 or Cypress: (281) 746-3320

How much can my organization earn?

AUTO-LAB TEXAS has no limit set on the donations earned by groups. As long as the purchase meets our requirements and your group or organization maintains its eligibility, spread the word and your organization earns 5% back on every car care or repair purchase at an AUTO-LAB TEXAS location!

When do the earned donations get credited to our group? How can we check on how much we’ve earned?

The “Give Back 5” credit is automatically designated when the customer designates an eligible “Give Back 5” enrolled group at the time of purchase. To check on your group’s credits, email us at to request an update. This may be important to your group if you are promoting your “Give Back 5” participation and want to hit a certain goal by a certain date.

Are there any restrictions on how the earned “Give Back 5” donations can be used?

Any earned donations from the “Give Back 5” program must be used for charitable purposes, preferably within the local community. These donations cannot be used for legal, political or administrative purposes such as salaries, bonuses or benefits to the group’s leaders or staff. AUTO-LAB TEXAS reserves the right to terminate any group or organization from continued participation if it is determined that any proceeds are used for legal, political or administrative purposes.

When do we get our earned “Give Back 5” donations?

At the end of every quarter, we calculate each eligible group’s earned donations. The minimum threshold to receive a “Give Back 5” quarterly payment is $25. If your group earns less than $25 that quarter, your amount is rolled over to the next quarter. Be sure to promote your participation to your group every month to boost your earned donations! Your group’s earned donations check for each calendar quarter period is mailed within 30 days after the close of the calendar quarter.

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Learn more now about participating AUTO-LAB TEXAS “Give Back 5” organizations:

If your group is ready to start earning 5% back from designated AUTO-LAB car repairs and services, call your nearby AUTO-LAB to participate in the easiest local group fundraising ever —
“Give Back 5”!




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